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Here are some tips for deep cleaning your office or Villa

Remove everything:

 It’s best to start from scratch for a truly clean workspace. Take everything off the desk, drawers, and shelves. Then, arrange them neatly on the floor. Now that your desk is clear, take the time to clean all surfaces and your computer equipment.

Assess each item:

  1.  It may appear to be a daunting task, but once you know what you have, determining what you need becomes easier. You might be surprised at how many extra pens, folders, sticky notes, and other supplies you’ve had all along!

Consider rearranging your space: 

  1. Examine your office layout if it frequently becomes cluttered shortly after cleaning. Items you use daily should be kept close to you for easy access. Items that are rarely used can be stored in drawers or shelves to keep your desk space free of clutter.

Start putting your items in their respective places:

  1.  Put your items in their organized spaces now that you know which ones you want to keep and how close they should be. Keep your desk as neat and clean as possible to help the rest of the office appear clutter-free.

Clean daily:

  1.  Maintain the decluttered state of your office. After using your desk for the day, return items to their proper locations. Put pens in holders, file papers, etc back on the shelves. Then, to help keep germs at bay, wipe down your desk with a disinfectant wipe.

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